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In Paul Verhoeven's wild sci-fi action mo-
vie Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger
plays a 21st-century construction worker
who discovers that his entire memory of
the past derives from a memory chip im-
planted in his brain. Schwarzenegger
learns that he's actually a secret agent
who had become a threat to the govern-
ment, so those in power planted the chip
and invented a domestic lifestyle for him.
Once he has realized his true identity, he
travels to Mars to piece together the rest
of his identity, as well as to find the man
responsible for his implanted memory.
Verhoeven has created a fast, furious ac-
tion film with Total Recall, filled with im-
pressive stunts and literally eye-popping
visuals. Though the film bears only a pas-
sing resemblance to the Philip K. Dick
short story it was based on ("We Can
Remember It For You Wholesale"), the
movie is an entertaining, if very violent,

Total Recall revels in the state-of-the-art
special effects and frantic violence cha-
racteristic to most of director Paul Verho-
even's American productions. Though
based on a story by the creator of Blade
Runner, author Philip K. Dick, Total Re-
call is a full blown action movie. Still, the
film gets a lot of mileage out of the ques-
tionable notion that "you are what you re-
member." The director's brand of high-
octane, cartoonish violence is a good fit
with the material, though his style may
have been better suited to 1988's more
satiric Robocop. The movie received a
special achievement Academy Award for
its impressive effects.

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life.

"They stole his mind,
now he wants it back"

An Academy Award winner.

Based on a true story.
Perustuu tositapahtumiin.

Format:  4K UHD HDR + Blu-ray

Number of Discs

4K UHD:       1 Disc
Blu-ray:         2 Discs
TOTAL         3 DISCS
= = = = = = = = = = = =

Action, science fiction, sci-fi action
space adventure, tech noir 


Future dystopias, mind games, amnesia
on the run, space travel, technology run
amok, virtual reality, assumed identities


Identity, memory, on-the-run, conspiracy
cover-up, mars, secrets, mutant, oxygen
political-corruption, resistance-fighters



Director:  Paul Verhoeven


Sharon Stone
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Year of Release:  1990

Running Time:  1 h 53 min.

No Finnish subtitles !

English subtitles ONLY !


- EI suomenkielisiä tekstejä
- VAIN englanninkieliset tekstit

Rating:  - 18 and older -

Picture Quality:

Dolby Vision
4K Restoration


Dolby Atmos
DTS-HD Master Audio

Studio:  Carolco Pictures

Region Code:

4K UHD:   Region Free
Blu-ray:     Region A, B

Special Features are plentiful

Two blu-ray discs full of Special Features

4K UHD HDR + Blu-ray is NEW
and comes in shrinkwrap.

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